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Love is a quality. Love is not what you do.
Love is
what you become. 



Hi, I’m Lisa. I am so glad you’re here. 


People come to see me when they are ready to let go and change… but they don’t know how.


I support you to become more conscious; to see yourself more deeply; and to let go of beliefs that are holding you back.


Together we will open a space to find what you are resisting and to debunk the justifications for why you are not living your life to the fullest capacity.


In my practice, I have learned that this is what going inward is about.


It is about shifting what we believe, allowing grace into our lives, learning how to embody a new way of being – and holding it. 

In Service to Embodied Wisdom

My passion today reflects my embodied understanding of shamanism's transformative power. It’s not just about revealing information; it's about extracting and healing energy, and breaking generational cycles. In soul retrieval, I witness the profound impact of healing across generations, from a client’s childhood sacrifice to her mother’s joy.


Working with me is more than a journey; it’s a commitment to healing, shifting patterns, and empowering individuals. Working with me is a process – and practice – of inviting the soul “home” to the body. As a practitioner, I bring decades of personal growth and shamanic expertise to guide you on your transformative journey. 


So, let’s uncover the magic within, heal across generations, and reclaim the essence of your spirit. 


Welcome to a sacred space where profound transformation begins.

Lisa Crowley is an extremely gifted shamanic practitioner and medium. I was privileged to receive a healing from Lisa for my eyes. I have a family history of blindness on both sides of my family and suffer from glaucoma and extremely dry eyes. Lisa was able to contact my mother on the other side and involve her in the healing. The results have been amazing …

–Ann M. Drake, Psy.D

Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself.
The storm will pass. 


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